Mission Statement
  1. Ultimate provision of educational assistance to the needy for the development of Ondo State is our Priority.
The board is charged with the following responsibilities:
  1. To give financial assistance to the physically challenged students who are indigenes of Ondo State in recognized tertiary institutions within Nigeria.
  2. To disburse Bursary Awards to Students of Ondo state origin in all recognized Tertiary Institutions within Nigeria.
  3. To give financial assistance to students of Ondo State origins in Nigerian Law Schools in Nigeria.
  4. To give financial assistance to Medical Students( already in clinical studies) who are Ondo State indigenes in all Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.
  5. To co-ordinate Selection Interview for Federal and Foreign Scholarships programs like bilateral Education Agreement awards and commonwealth Scholarship.
  6. To liaise with other corporate bodies awarding scholarships to student in tertiary Institution both within and outside Nigeria e.g. Chevron Oil which gives Agbami Scholarships to Medical and Engineering Students of Ondo State Origin.
  7. To attend meetings of Secretaries of States Scholarship Boards and Registrars of Tertiary institutions with the Secretary, Federal Scholarship Board, on the result of Selection Interviews for Federal Government Scholarship Awards.
Number of Departments
  1. Board Chairman
  2. Board Secretary
  3. Scholarship (Local & Foreign)
  4. Administration/Personnel
  5. Planning, Statistics & Research
  6. Accounts