Frequently Ask Questions

Register with your valid e-mail address to create a profile and click here to know more about the requirements

Ensure your profile is filled correctly and truthfully, you can as well see other scholarships if you qualify.

If you have not applied for any scholarship/bursary, you can still edit your profile details. To edit your profile details after applying for a scholarship/bursary, send an email to from the email account you used to create your application profile stating your case. Ensure the email is titled appropriately. For example “Correction of details on application profile”

The eligibility criteria of each scholarship is clearly defined in the Requirements page of the scheme.

NO, with one account you can apply for all scholarships, If you create more than one account, you will be automatically ineligible to receive any scholarship award

Yes your NIN is very compulsory as it helps the scholarship board confirm your identity.

You will get an email confirmation in your email account, you will also see it in your account dashboard page.

After your academic referee/Head of Department, LGA Chairman has signed the downloaded form. Scan the document, login to your application profile and upload the signed document

Confirm your internet connectivity, ensure you are not using a mobile device that is not enabled for such activity, try to use a different browser software, log out of your account and log back in. If none of these solutions work, please contact our customer care lines for guidance. Also confirm the documents are in the right format and are not above 200Kb.

This ensures the clarity of the image so the scholarship board can identify who is being awarded.

Grant collect slip is a slip that successful beneficiaries take to the designated banks to collect his/her grant. All shortlisted successful applicants are expected to buy a pin card of #500 and #1,000 for bursary and scholarship respectively, or as the case maybe from ondo state scholarship board or authorized agents, which will be use to print out the grant collect slip.